Face mask inner bracket
Face mask inner bracket

Face mask inner bracket

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Universal face mask inner bracket. 

made from safe, soft, malleable and fully washable silicone plastic. 
Can be washed with soap and water. 
Fits most masks 

Can be placed into any mask and removed for washing - simply slip the bracket around the ear loops to fit.

super comfortable  

this is such a great mask add on. Lots of benefits including the following:

  • supports improved face mask breathing as the mask fabric is held away from the nose and mouth giving more room to breathe and no fabric in the mouth. 
  • promotes better mask hygiene as the mouth and nose are not against the fabric 
  • keeps mask away from make up- keep that pretty lippy in tact! 

Add to any mask order or purchase for your existing masks. 

If purchasing with masks no need to add extra shipping.

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